Our Projects

  • Primary school education is regarded as the cornerstone of the overall educational journey of a student. It is a heartrending reality that Pakistan is amongst those countries where millions of children remain uneducated due to the remote or backward locality.

  • Information technology plays a vibrant role in the overall progress of a nation. Technological advancement is one of the major pre-requisite in the development of any country. Deprivation of this has been the key factor of the slow growth of underdeveloped countries like Pakistan.

  • It will be a mega project on the lines of Silicon Valley of USA & India where cutting edge facilities for IT & Software Industry will be available under one roof. Our students will get education and training as per international standards which would greatly enhance their vision and would introduce them with the foreign environment.

  • It is an unfortunate reality that great amount of talent is being wasted in Pakistan because of lack of proper tools to harness that talent and to shape it into such energy which could drive the country out of the crisis.

  • Arfa Karim Foundation is determined to establish a fully fledged Development Centre in order to introduce the technological advancements to the general public. The Human Resource Development Center will be acting as hub for developing the individual skills through formal and vocational IT training.

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