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Arfa Karim Foundation (AKF) was established on 03/07/2012 after the dismissal of “Arfa Karim (Youngest & world recognized Computer Scientist). The executives of “AKF” including “Amjad Karim (F/O Arfa Karim) and Samina Amjad (M/O Arfa Karim) has been overseeing the vision of “Arfa Karim (late)” along with other allies. 

AKF is serving around multiple domains but our vital role always persists towards education and youth training. So far, the exertion for our vision is perpetuated with AKF self-reliant resources. In pursuance of Pakistan’s current perilous situation reeling under the field of education, health, and safety. Thus, AKF has taken a stand to extend its operational campaigns, social and welfare project domestically. AKF already has an edge on human resources with reference to more than 600000 loyal and patriotic followers at our social network, most of them have come about as Arfa’s fans. 

Consequently, AKF has elaborated its further functional operations in the following grounds: 

Career Consultation: This comes first because AKF had already served adequately in career counseling, there are many gems who began their career with “Arfa Karim Foundation” and now they are getting high on life with a successful career. AKF under the supervision of “Amjad Karim (F/O Arfa Karim) is helping the youth to identify their purpose of life and their values. We not only prepare and train them with professional ethics but also develop their mind mapping. Despite all of this accomplishment, we don’t believe to exhibit these gems for a self-portrait. AKF is more likely to extend this sector of our services. 

Educational Development: This is our top-notch priority that has become more relevant in the current situation where institutes are diverting towards online education. It’s an unfortunate reality as yet we couldn’t come up with a worthwhile education model with equity. The rationale for this matter, AKF has tuned in with “AKSEER (Arfa Karim Siblings’ Enabling Education Resources)” as an influential stakeholder, although “AKSEER” is a separate joint venture project with a sense of common purpose. It has multiple stakeholders and franchises that operate under the auspices of its standards. AKSEER is a contemporary education model that is designed to rejuvenate the existing education system and its lacking units. The key objective to bring up “AKSEER” is to propose equivalent and quality education that doesn’t mystify the motive of education with the battle of scoring instead it is completely dominated to let the students identify their skills and uniqueness and assist them in their success path. 

Safety: This is the foremost sector where we are striving, it is eventually important for us because “Arfa Karim” vigorously chased it. It’s about taking the help of technology in safety measures. She had an astonishing concept for it. In perusing her dreams, we are also considering promoting technology for our daily basis issues, especially for safety measurements. This will not come up only in urban but our first priority is to set-up these tech instruments in rural areas because we believe in a bottom-to-top approach while serving. 

Social: In the conformity of our available human resources, we have a myriad of volunteers available who can serve for any social cause, and they are our true assets. Therefore, AKF and its force of volunteers remained prepared to participate in any social campaign toward the betterment of society. We also pitch in with others in any disastrous situation in the interest of our country Pakistan. 

Join Us: Arfa Karim Foundation is determined by its mission and a vision of “Arfa Karim”, We are continuously making strenuous efforts to address the challenges, under the prevailing circumstances it has become more important for us to extend our coverage and operations, thus we (Arfa Karim Foundation) reverentially invite you to become a part our team and share your contribution in any form whether in fundraising, volunteer program or become a part of our operational proceedings.

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